In Defence of Fare Evasion

As fares rise and cops crowd the stations, it’s time for Toronto’s workers to exercise their collective power against the injustice of mass transit.

Christie Blatchford Doesn’t Deserve Her Eulogy

Let's tell the truth about Blatchford's toxic legacy.

Jagmeet Singh Must Support The Right To Boycott Israel

Singh’s disavowal of BDS comes at a time when party support for non-violent protest against Israel's policies is needed more than ever.

Raising The Minimum Wage Will Save Lives

Precarious and low-wage gigs are eroding the mental health of Canadian workers. Raising the minimum wage could save their lives.

The Rule of Law Isn’t Enough: Why The Wet’suwet’en Fight is Just

Ignore the columnists and pundits. The Wet’suwet’en blockades and protests are justified by everyday morality.

Trudeau Must Condemn Trump’s Plan To Rob Palestinians

Trump's "peace plan" is a blueprint for further disenfranchising Palestinians. Canada must condemn it.

Canadians Must Set The Bar Higher Than Besting The U.S.

We need to talk about the phenomenon of smug Canadian complacency.

Uber And Lyft Will Make Vancouver A Worse Place To Live

From adding congestion to increasing pollution to undermining transit, Uber and Lyft make cities worse. Vancouver shouldn't celebrate their arrival.

Canadian Media Is Making Life Worse For Iranians

Pro-peace voices are rarely included in coverage, with advocates of sanctions and regime change given the spotlight instead

Canada Has Never Been A Peacekeeping Nation

Police forces in Canada have played a crucial role in enabling imperialism throughout the world since they were founded.